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Irving, TX

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  • Enterprise level program/project experience: Executed over 20+, BI, Analytics, Database, Data Warehouse, Master data management (MDM), Data privacy/security/integration, IT transformation, client/strategic process improvements, Business continuity and KPI dashboard projects with 5 - 100 person teams. My top 3 projects were of size $5M, $3M and $2M value. Managed a team size of 60+ team members.
  • Domain expertise: Healthcare, Retail, Infrastructure, Pharmaceutical, eCommerce, walk-in clinics, Finance, Lending, Financial markets, Sales & distribution systems and Educational systems.
  • Process optimization: Saved $1M+ by optimizing business processes of Client process improvements, Strategic process improvement, and Center of Excellence (CoE) of Confidential (a fortune 7 company). Guided the team on Operational/Executive KPI dashboards, Scoreboards, Trend analysis, Root Cause analysis and 5 why analysis in different business verticals to optimize business processes.
  • Practices: PMBOK, PMP, Lean Six Sigma and Scrum and Agile tools (JIRA, Agile Accelerator)
  • Program/Project Management: Have extensive experience in program/project management tasks such as RFI, RFP, feasibility studies, ROI, project financials, project scoping, project charter project plan, scheduling, project execution, quality assurance (QA)/ Testing, CR, change control, issue and release Management by optimizing Human Capital, Budget, Time and Budget resources. Able to achieve a highest level of internal/external customer and stakeholders’ satisfaction by applying my facilitation, professional connection skills, and leveraging the bright spots.
  • Business Continuity and Impact Analysis Experience: Played a major role as Confidential Client Services Business continuity plan (BCP) coordinator who worked with vice presidents, directors and Sr managers to guide them on their department business impact analysis (BIA) and business continuity process (BCP) in client services Client Services.
  • Program management, architecting and executing enterprise level products and solutions.
  • Structured, Semi-structured and unstructured data analytics and KPI metrics.
  • Process improvements and root cause analysis.
  • Human Capital Management to identify the strengths of the team members to achieve the best team performance and optimize the project timelines.
  • ROI analysis for the customers on make-or-buy decisions.
  • Established professional relationships at all levels (Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers, Business Users, IT colleagues, System Architects).
  • Excellent negotiation and facilitation skills.
  • Understanding contracts, study the existing contacts and negotiating with clients.


Project Management: PMBOK, Scrum, Agile Lean Six Sigma, mythologies Microsoft Project, Jira, Microsoft Visio, Oracle SCM, Microsoft SharePoint server and

Modeling, Business Intelligence and Analytics: SQL Data Warehouse, SAS, DataMart, Microsoft Visual Studio (ETLs SSIS, SSRS, SSAS), Salesforce, Cognos, Tableau, MicroStrategy, Informatica, Microsoft Excel (Analytics, Pivot Tables), Data Science, Microsoft Power BI.

Payment Gateways: Stripe, WePay and Paypal.

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, R, Java/J2EE, XML, HTML, Excel Macros.

Statistical IDE/tools: R, SPSS, Microsoft Excel and Phyton

Statistical Modeling: Predictive Analysis, Regression Analysis, Pearson R, Z-score, One sample t test, Paired sample t-test, Independent sample t-test, ANOVA.

Cloud Computing: Amazon Web Services (AWS), SAP HANA tools on Cloudshare.

Software Development Models: Waterfall, Agile, Spiral.

Big Data: Hadoop, Map Reduce, Hive, Pig.

OS: AS/400, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix.

Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, Teradata.

ERPs: SAP, Peoplesoft and Oracle

IDE: Eclipse, Oracle 9i development Tools. Oracle Application Express (Apex)

Workflow/Case Management:, Pega.

Source Control: CVS, Subversion(SVN) and Microsoft Visual Source Safe (VSS).

Search Engine Optimization: (SEO) online promotion, Search engine marketing (SEM), Google AdWords, Google sites, Google Analytics, AdSense and Internet research. IBM Watson Analytics.

CRM:, SaaS,, CPQ, Sales Cloud, AppExchange and marketing cloud, community cloud, sales cloud and Pardot.



Confidential, Irving, TX


  • Implemented many enterprise level Business Intelligence, PEGA, Salesforce, AS400, Infrastructure, Sales and Benefits workflow, Data Warehouse, Datamart Master data management (MDM), KPI dashboard, Data analytics, Cloud implementations, Continuous integration, Release management and process improvement projects with 100+ team size, project size of $3M, $2M in both waterfall and scrum mythologies.
  • Saved $1M by optimizing business processes of Client process improvements, Strategic process improvement and Center of Excellence (CoE) of Confidential (a fortune 7 company).
  • Managed weekly Client Services KPI dashboard metrics meetings for process improvements.
  • Managed many (SFDC) CRM, Business Intelligence, Pega and workflow projects for 1000+ internal users to manage their Benefits workflow.
  • Initiated Client experience, Cost avoidance and Benefits CoE KPI Metrics with root cause analysis using KPI and BI tools to optimize business operations and account management processes with my contracting, facilitation and negotiation skills.
  • Recommended many innovative ideas for CVS Pharmacy & minute clinic (Retail) and some of these ideas are implemented.
  • Developed and managed SharePoint sites for Confidential Client services.
  • Rewrote SSIS ETLs and managing/supporting CSI Capacity Model datamart/Data Warehouse. Identified and resolved many master data and transactional data inconsistency issues.
  • Guided team on Standardized Benefits Admin Request support processes and an improved version of Aetna Performance Guarantee Metrics to reduce performance guarantees and Service warranty.
  • Worked with compliance team on the restricted data clients (RDC) and Data Security/Privacy team to ensure that PHI and PII data is securely stored.

Senior Project Manager

Confidential, Rocky Hill, CT


  • Managed a team who were working on data models to perform Predictive and Volatility analysis of the stock tickers in the SQL Server Data Warehouse (DW), R and SPSS.
  • Played a major role in end-to-end prototype/case study to perform traders’ sentimental analysis and most tweeted stock symbols in the last n minutes using SQL Server, Twitter API and BI tools such as R, Tableau, Hadoop, Hive based on Big Data.
  • Involved in evaluating rapid business intelligence tools such as MicroStrategy, Tableau and R.
  • Generated Dashboards, Action filters, Maps, Bullet Graphs, Data Blending, Double Axis, Geocoding reports using Tableau and Tableau Add in for Excel.

Senior Project Manager

Confidential, Santa Clara


  • Managed 20+ onsite team members and 40+ offshore team me in $5M value Registration system for American College of Testing (ACT) using BI, Data cleanse, match and load.
  • Completed STG’s SmartER, an online recruitment and selection system using SQL Server, ASP in a record time.
  • Integrated, SFDC page layouts, Apex Exchange and with SmartER.
  • Attended a couple of SFDC Dreamforce conferences in San Francisco, CA.
  • Analyzed the American College of Testing (ACT)’s existing Registration system’s data flow to optimize the performance. Worked as a product and release manager for many enterprise projects.

Project Manager

Confidential, Santa Clara


  • Played a major role in data transformation tools to process several GB size LinkShare merchants’ product data into a few MB size information based on business rules and filters.
  • Architected McGraw-Hill’s online assessment delivery system, ACT’s online assessment system and Site distribution server for the Test development platform.

Project Leader



  • Managed my team while implementing complex distributed sales and distribution system which involves huge data migration between regional centers and the corporate data centers.
  • Actively involved in the complete lifecycle of Digital Trade B2B (a Business to business application).
  • Involved in the setup of the Java based development infrastructure in STG in the year 1999.

Senior Software Engineer



  • Developed Inventory and material distribution management system for the Andhra Pradesh state electricity equipment corporation.
  • Implemented Payroll system for an engineering college in India.
  • Developed share transfer system for a local public limited finance company.

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Manager/Advisor Resume Irving, TX -  Hire IT People (2024)
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